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Left : Tadasi Kiyokawa(chairman)Right : Hajime Kiyokawa(CEO)

Left : Tadasi Kiyokawa(chairman)
Right : Hajime Kiyokawa(CEO)

Corporate Philosophy

massege from top management

The corporate identity of KIYOKAWA plating industry is “The bright future is opened by free originality”. “Free originality” means that a new inspiration and original idea will be coming up, which has not with anyone so far. That is to say, never do imitation. Besides, “The bright future is opened” means that our new technology for the next generation will be developed and make a contribution to society.

The corporate philosophy of KIYOKAWA is "With a freewheeling idea and no imitation, our original plating technology is to be developed with the aim of safety, relief, and saving global environment for the next generation”.

Our original nanometer-scale plating technology without even a single fault in the tens of billions of products permits down-sizing of electronic devices and saves resources and energy for the global environment.


Headquarters 1-414 Wadanaka,Fukui-shi,Fukui
918-8515 Japan
TEL 0776-23-2912
FAX 0776-21-7402
Establishment March 1963
Capital 40,000,000YEN
Officer Executive chairman - Tadashi Kiyokawa
President & CEO - Hajime Kiyokawa
Senior Managing Director - Takuji Kiyokawa
Executive director - Tadayuki Kiyokawa
Director - Toshio Kiyokawa
Director - Tuneo Shimizu
Director - Masataka Furuichi
Number of employees 230
Mean age 35
■Surface treatment
  • 1.Various electroplating, electroless plating
    Chromium, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, gold, silver, platinum, etc.
  • 2.Functional plating
    Alloy plating, composite plating, plating hard, corrosion-resistant plating etc.
  • 3.Chemical film processing
    Manganese phosphate coating treatment, dyed black
  • 4.Alumite
    Color, hard anodized
■Plated main
  • 1.Electronic Components
    Printed circuit board, a square chip components, fuse resistor
  • 2.Magnet
    Neodymium, samarium
  • 3.Semiconductor wafer
    Manganese phosphate coating treatment, dyed black
  • 4.Other Products
    Films, fibers, powders, and battery materials
  • 1.Shianresu plating
  • 2.Lead-free plating
  • 3.Chromeless plated hexavalent
Affiliate Kiyokawa Electronics Co., Ltd.
International Standard ISO-9001(1994.12)
Head Office
Location 1-414 Wadanaka,Fukui-shi,
Fukui 918-8515 Japan
TEL 0776-23-2912
FAX 0776-23-2912
Head Office
Morita factory
Location Ishimorityou,Fukui-shi,Fukui Japan
Morita factory


March-63 Founded office "Kiyokawamekkikogyo"
November-68 Established Corporation "Kiyokawamekkikogyo"
April-71 Developed aluminum alloy rims
April-75 Foray into electronic parts
April-82 Established "Science and Technology Institute Kiyokawa"
December-84 Established "Kiyokawa Electronics Co., Ltd."
August-88 Advance the field of machine assembly
September-91 Excellent business environment improvement (plating Industry Association Japan)
April-93 Grant-in-Aid for office technology improvements Kinki Bureau of International Trade and Industry Ministry of International Trade and Industry (country) Certified
April-94 High-tech SMEs business development, innovative technology development (department) Certified
November-94 All other winning team contest prize Minister of Labour department plating chrome plating technology nationwide Bafu
November-94 Minister of Labour Award chrome plating polishing technology sector nationwide contest plating technology
December-94 Certification system "ISO9001" quality
September-95 Kiyokawa Plating complete History Museum (Tyukouan)
September-95 Grant-in-Aid for technical improvements, Fukui Prefecture (creative large research establishments) Certified
December-95 Deionized water recycling equipment complete wastewater treatment
July-97 Progress Awards Fukui Labour Standards
August-97 Human resource development projects promoting new industry creation, Fukui Prefecture
May-98 Aid for research and development projects Creative Engineering, Fukui Prefecture
June-99 Aid for technical development projects creation of new industries Increasing the Efficient Use of Energy
July-99 Creative business development research results
November-99 Minister of Labour Award Competition galvanized plating technology sector nationwide
November-99 Minister of Labor Division Award decorative chrome plating - plating technology buff polishing national contest
November-99 Minister of Labor departments nationwide contest award two plating
June-00 Challenge support new technology research business
November-00 Morita completed plant
January-02 Advanced Technology Development Center Established
February-02 Quality management system "ISO9001" certification added
※ Kiyokawa Plating Co., Ltd. Morita factory Alpha bumping Technology Co., Ltd.
November-02 National Competition polishing plating technology - decorative chrome plating department Minister of Labor Award
March-03 Japan Environmental Management Awards Award for Excellence
May-03 Fukui Prefectural Science and Technology Grand Prize
April-04 Urban area industry-academia-government collaboration promote business
Fukui middle area: Fukui Prefectural Industrial Support Center
Development of a new fuel cell system and the creation of functional nano-particles by plating technology
Development of nuclear power system safety and reliability of nano technology by plating technology
September-04 Bond issuance (Development Bank of Japan) and Japan's first eco-friendly Management Rating unsecured private placement
October-04 7th Green Purchasing Award SMEs Winner
August-05 First Monodzukuri Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award Special Award
March-06 300 companies Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selection energetic manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises
April-06 Priority regions R & D Promotion Program
National Institute of Technology Agency
Practical technology development of high-strength Mg-based composite materials using nano plating technology "
April-06 Urban area industry-academia-government collaboration promote business (evolution)
Fukui middle area: Fukui Prefectural Industrial Support Center
High capacity and high reliability lithium battery material development
The press-molded carbon-fiber reinforced aluminum alloy development
Development of high efficiency tandem solar cell-equipped portable power
Application to the reliability of the nuclear power system and development of terahertz device
June-06 300 companies Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selection energetic manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises to support the future of Japan
August-06 Approval of management innovation plan based on small and medium-sized enterprises New business activities Promotion Law
September-06 Nano-plating ability times expansion of Kiyokawamekkikogyo Corporation Advanced Technology Research Center was completed
October-06 Commissioner of the National Tax Agency Tax Award for
November-06 3rd Nikkei Manufacturing Grand Prize
November-06 He was awarded the Social Insurance Agency Secretary awards
March-07 The advance in the nuclear field
February-08 For the first time as the plating industry, certification of ISO/IEC17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation
November-08 Whole country plating technology contest decoration chrome plating department Minister of Labor Prize winning
January-10 Kiyokawa become Chairman Tadashi
Kiyokawa Hajime president
July-10 The ASRP pass review application in ISO14001
The ASRP, the abbreviation Advanced surveillance and reassessment procedures of (Advanced Surveillance and update examination procedure)
November-10 National Competition polishing plating technology - decorative chrome plating department Minister of Labor Award
June-11 Advance in the medical field
November-11 Minister of Labour Award Competition decorative plating plating technology sector nationwide
January-12 Award-winning career education
February-12 Expanding the scope of accreditation ISO/IEC17025 (7 items total)
November-12 Governor awards relations skills test FY2012
November-12 Awards meeting Panasonic Excellent Partners
November-12 The Commissioner of the Patent Office Encouragement Award
November-12 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award Competition plating technology nationwide (polishing - chrome plating department)