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Solution analysis

Solution analysis

We correspond to analysis of solution wide range from plating process liquid to drainage.

【Plating process liquid analysis】

【Plating process liquid analysis】 / Solution analysis

Analysis of the process liquid which can be set like a plater can be performed.

We are also conducting analysis of by-product material concentration or very small quantity metal impurity density as well as the main-ingredients concentration of process liquid.

【 Additive agent concentration analysis included in a copper sulfate plating solution】

【 Additive agent concentration analysis included in a copper sulfate plating solution】 / Solution analysis

Analysis item: Additive agent concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, copper sulfate concentration, chloride concentration

We have also heard routine analysis and SPC management.
※It may be necessary to establish analysis conditions separately depending on the kind of plating solution.

There are many items which can be analyzed also except the above.
Please ask for details.

【 Other solution analysis 】

We have heard analysis also about solution other than plating process liquid

【Trace element analysis in industrial water and factory effluent】※ISO/IEC17025 authorization item

The amount of required samples:500mL

The trace element analysis in the waste industrial waters of our company has received authorization of international standard ISO/IEC17025.
Moreover, in Japan, I have obtained registration of the measurement proof place of business.
A measurement place of business refers to the place of business which can deliver a certificate about the result measured about the registered measurement classification.
Our company obtained the registration about the classification of "the concentration of the substance in water or soil."
Therefore, it is possible to attach a certificate to the analysis result of solution (tap water, drinking water, hot spring water, etc. besides [ for proof ]) used as scope.

○The other examples of analysis

Analysis of flush water
Analysis of cooling water
Analysis of cutting water

More speedy analysis is made because also unite analysis of the water currently used there and you request the failure analysis of parts and a product especially.

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