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Form observation

【The feature of our Form observation services 】

●Cross-sectional observation is also possible as well as surface observation.

●Exact plating film thickness can be measured by cross-sectional observation.

●"Embedding section polish processing technology" indispensable to cross-sectional observation is the technology cultivated as a plating special contractor.

●It is possible to aim at pinpoint to an observation target with a minimum number of 10 μm.


【Cross-sectional polish technology indispensable to cross-sectional observation】

There is "embedding polish technology" as processing technology at the time of the cross-sectional observation of a product.
Although this processing is performed simply, it is not so.
Exact information is acquired by the technology supported by experience and the section finished by the clear eye.

【 Technology to which an exact section is made 】

【 Technology to which an exact section is made 】 / Form observation

A plating membrane is thin and hardness changes with metal.
Therefore, by grinding, a membrane changes or, generally it sometimes often damages.
Exact information cannot be acquired if a sample changes with polishes.
However, we can make a normal section by the technology as a plating special contractor, and experience.

The direction about which it worries if the exact film thickness of a plating membrane is not known
Those who will be troubled if abrasive soap is stuck in a cross-sectional part and a beautiful section cannot be observed
The direction which cross-sectional processing cannot be performed very much well, and is redone repeatedly
The visitor troubled by cross-sectional polish needs to utilize our analysis services!

【 Technology to which an exact section is made 】

【 Technology to which an exact section is made 】 / Form observation

"Whether he would like to see the section of which position" is very important with embedding section polish.
We have the technology of catching a section at pinpoint to the object of tens of micrometer width!
A normal section can be observed without giving the damage by polish.


【Nano order observation (FIB → TEM )】

【Nano order observation (FIB → TEM )】 / Form observation

Observation of the fine structure of a nano order and length measurement of the cross-sectional film thickness of a thin film plating membrane are possible.

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