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Laboratory accreditation examination

【The feature of our Laboratory accreditation examination services 】

●We acquired ISO/IEC17025 authorization for the first time in the plating industry in Japan.
●An ISO/IEC17025 authorization item is all the 13 items (as of 2013).
●The authorization range is conducting analysis broad from RoHS analysis of a plating membrane to plating film thickness, an evaluation test, and drainage analysis.
●We can take out an analysis result as a formal report with an authorization mark.

To differentiation with the other company! To international appeal!
Please utilize an authorization mark!

<Chemical testing>

●Water quality of industrial wastewater
   Test object - Waste water from metal surface treatment
   Test item - Cu,Zn.Pb.Cd,Mn,Fe,T-Cr
   Test method - JIS K 0102 5(except 5.3)


 / Laboratory accreditation examination

●Hazardous substance analysis
   - Pb Screening by X-ray florescence spectrometry
   Test object – Metals (Tin) (include plating)
   Judgment standard – Content of the lead in metal 1000mg/kg and over
   Test method – IEC62321 6

 / Laboratory accreditation examination

‐ Precision analysis by ICP-OES
   Test item – 1)Iron and steel
                      2) Nom-ferrous
                      3) Magnet  4)Plating
   Judgment standard
                   – Hg 50 mg/kg and over    
                      Pb 10 mg/kg and over
                      Cd 10 mg/kg and over
   Test method – IEC62321 7,9

   - The judgment test of Cr(Y)
  ・qualitative – Spot-test procedure
   Judgment – color reaction by diphenilcarbazide solution
  ・quantitative – Boiling water extraction procedure
   Judgment standard – Cr(Y) 0.02μg/cm2 and over (Comparison of standard
                                      solutions by diphenilcarbozide absorpt iometric method)
   Test object – colorless and colored corrosion-protected coatings on metals
   Test method – IEC62321 Annex B  

 / Laboratory accreditation examination

●Corrosion resistance test
- Neutral salt water spray test
   Test object – plating and Plating objects
   Test method – JIS H 8502 7.1

   - Ferroxyl test(qualitative)
   Test object
                - Electroplated Copper plus nickel coating on steel,
                  Electroplated nickel plus chromium coating on steel,
                  Electroplated copper plus nickel plus chromium coating on steel,
                  Electroplated nickel coating on steel
                  Autocatalytic nickel-phosphorus coating on steel
   Test method – JIS H 8617 3, JIS H 8626 1, JIS H 8645 5

●Adhesion test  
‐ Tape test
   Test object – Electroplated coating on metals,Autocatalytic coating on metals
   Test method – JIS H 8504 15.1

 / Laboratory accreditation examination

●Chromate film
   - The qualitative analysis of Cr(Y)
   Test object – Chromate coating
   Judgment - Spot-test procedure
   Test method – JIS H 8625 2

   - The quantitative analysis of Cr(Y)
   Test object – Chromate coating
   Judgment - diphenilcarbozide absorpt iometric method
   Judgment standard – Cr(Y) 0.0001mg/cm2 and over
   Test method – JIS H 8625 2

We are performing experiment station management equivalent also about the analysis of those other than an authorization item.

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